19 – 22 January 2017 | Thursday – Sunday | 12pm – 9pm | Singapore EXPO Hall 5

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About PlayLah


PlayLAH! is a series of thematic events organized by SingEx Venues Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings and venue manager for Singapore EXPO and MAX Atria. PlayLAH! first made its first appearance during SG50, where we celebrated Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015 by inviting the country to a family carnival at Singapore EXPO Hall 5. Owing to its popularity and success, this was quickly followed up by PlayLAH! Mid-Autumn Festival in September 2015, followed by PlayLAH! Chinese New Year 2016 and NDP 2016, with each festival better and larger than before.

Themed into 4 dedicated activity zones – Play, Learn, Eat and Bond, the event is targeted at Singapore families and provides a full range of activities, workshops and game booths for the ultimate day out. PlayLAH! Chinese New Year 2017 will be at Singapore EXPO Hall 5 from 19 to 22 January 2017 (Thursday – Sunday), and has an even more exciting line-up of activities lined up, complete with New Year themed rides, hands-on sessions and education booths for the biggest PlayLAH! yet. PlayLAH! Chinese New Year 2017 will see new stage performances and on-site family-oriented competitions.

Getting Here


Singapore EXPO is located in the eastern part of Singapore, and only one Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stop or a 5-minute drive from the Changi International Airport, and a 15-minute drive from the Central Business District (CBD). Right next to it is the Changi Business Park, a business hub that houses high technology firms, knowledge-intensive facilities, and multi-national companies. In addition, hotels and a wide selection of food and beverages and retail outlets are also within easy reach.

Public Transportation

By Car

Situated at the crossroads of 3 main expressways – East Coast Parkway, Pan Island Expressway and Tampines Expressway, Singapore EXPO is a mere 15-minute drive from the CBD and a 5-minute ride to Changi International Airport.

By Taxi

There are numerous taxis available in Singapore that offer reliable service. The taxi fare from the airport to Singapore EXPO is about S$15 and to the city about S$20, subject to surcharges.

By Train

Singapore EXPO has a dedicated MRT station next to Hall 6. Trains arrive every 5 minutes from Changi International Airport and Tanah Merah MRT station while it takes about 25 minutes from the city. By 2017, the Expo MRT station will become an interchange for the new Downtown Line, which will provide additional transport modes from Singapore EXPO to CBD areas such as Clarke Quay, Marina Bay and River Valley.

Floor Plan



1. About PlayLAH! - What is PlayLAH! series of events?

PlayLAH! series of event consists of 2 main events - Let's Celebrate! Chinese New Year and Let's Celebrate! National Day. The series started as part of SingEx's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to create a series of events where Singaporeans can come together to PLAY.LEARN.EAT & BOND.

  • What is PlayLAH! Let's Celebrate! CNY 2017 about?

    PlayLAH! Let's Celebrate CNY 2017 is an event or ganised by part of SingEx's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, in order to bring families and community together in the light of the festive season to PLAY.LEARN.EAT & BOND.

    PlayLAH! Let's Celebrate CNY 2017 is from 19th (Thursday) -22nd January (Sunday 2017 from 12PM - 9PM daily at Singapore EXPO Hall 5!

  • Is this event suitable for non-Chinese?

    Yes! The event is open to everyone – Chinese and non-Chinese.

  • Is this event just for children?

    Of course not! This event is suitable for all Singaporeans aged young and old.

  • If I am interested to be a partner or sponsor for this event, how do I take part?

    You may drop us an email at playlah@singaporeexpo.com.sg and we will get in touch shortly.

2. Registration

  • A person who is legally 19 years of age and above is liable for his/her own safety. At PlayLAH!, we need to ensure that all participants will be responsible for your own actions while taking part in the activities in the event by signing on an indemnity form.

  • Why must I be 18 years old to register?

    You will have to be 18 years old as of event date in order to register, if not you can be indemnified under a parent/guardian who is 18 years old and above to attend.

  • What if I'm 18 this year but I'm not 18 yet as of event date?

    PlayLAH! encourages everyone above 18 years of age in the family to register for the event as each participant will get $5 worth of coupons to spend.

  • In order to attend the event, must everyone above 18 years of age in the family have to sign up? (Grandparents etc.)

    It is encouraged that everyone above 18 years of age in the family to sign up for every registration as you will get $5 worth of coupons to spend at the event!

  • What if I can't find my confirmation e-mail?

    Just bring along your NRIC and inform our friendly staff on site for assistance!

  • Do I have to register everyday if I am interested to attend the event every day?

    No, you do not have to register every day, just bring along your NRIC and confirmation email on the days which you will be coming down for the event.

  • Must I print out my confirmation email?

    No. You can simply flash the confirmation email on your mobile phone.

  • What are the coupons for?

    You will be given $5 worth of coupons (in $1 denominations) for every registered visitor. These coupons act like credits that can be used to pay for activities in various booths such as bouncy castles, carnival rides and workshops.

  • If I finished my complimentary $5 coupons, can I purchase more coupons?

    Yes! You can purchase more coupons at the coupon counter.

  • Are the coupons refundable?

    No, coupons received and purchased are non-exchangeable for cash nor refundable.

  • What if I only registered 2 children but I'm bringing 3 children?

    You will be allowed to add additional children to your registration when you collect the indemnity band and coupons. Just inform our friendly staff on site for assistance.

  • Is there a time limit for this event?

    Doors open at 12pm and closes at 9pm. You can stay for as long as you wish!

  • What is the indemnity band for?

    The indemnity brand serves as a representation that you have agreed on behalf of yourself and/or child/ward to waive and release SingEx and/or its related companies, its employees and/or agents from any claims in respect of any loss, injuries or damage that may occur during or in relation to the event.

3. Play

  • Are there any age or height restrictions for the bouncy castles/rides?

    There are no age or height restrictions for our largest bouncy castle and pirate ship ride as these rides caters to the adults as well! However, the minimum height for children to embark on the other bouncy castles and rides is 0.9m and maximum heights is 1.4m. For more information, please refer to our on-site board or approach any of our friendly staff.

  • While my child is playing at the bouncy castles, must I be present?

    It is advised that at least 1 parent should be there to accompany your child for these rides.

  • Why do I need to wear socks?

    Due to hygiene purposes, it is compulsory that everyone on the bouncy castles are required to wear socks.

  • What if I forgot to bring socks?

    Socks can easily be purchased from our socks booth.

  • Can I use coupons to purchase the socks?

    No, socks can only be purchased with Singapore Dollars.

4. Learn

  • What can I expect from the learn zone?

    There are lots of interactive educational booths at the Learn Zone! Try your hand at traditional Chinese music in our Cultural Village or even pedal a bicycle to blend your own fruit juice!

5. Eat

  • What if I am hungry? Do you sell food at the event?

    Yes! You will be able to find a variety of food options in the Eat Zone. Whether it is sweet or savoury, we got you covered!

  • What types of cuisines are available?

    There will be a variety of cuisines such as Halal Chinese food by Tunglok Catering Indian & Vegetarian cuisine by Indian Curry House, carnival food items from Munchy Food and many more!

  • Are the food Halal/Vegetarian?

    Yes! Tunglok Catering is a halal-certified catering company. Vegetarian cuisine is also provided for by Indian Curry House.

  • Can I use the coupons to purchase F&B items?

    No, coupons can only be used in the Play, Learn and Bond Zones. Food under the Eat Zone can be purchased with Singapore Dollars.

6. Bond

  • Do I have to register in order to attend the workshops?

    No, you do not have to register in order to attend the workshops. Simply come down to the event and take part in any of the workshops that you are interested in!

  • How can I join the Children's Talent Competition?

    In order to participate in the Children's Talent Competition, participants must submit a 1-minute video of their talent together with other required information. (Name, Age etc.) For more information, please see the Terms & Conditions of the Competition.

  • How can I join the Orange Peeling and Eating Competition?

    Participants will have to register and full up a form that they can obtain onsite from the Stage Manager. Registration opens at the start of each event day.

7. Event Promotions

  • What is the PlayLAH! Mobile App about?

    The PlayLAH! Mobile App consist of information such as events details and highlights including Event Passport to collect stamps in exchange for gifts and the voting of our Children’s Talent Competition!

  • How do I download the PlayLAH! Mobile application?

    You can download the PlahLAH! mobile application at either Google Play Store (Android devices) and Apple App Store (IOS devices).

  • What is an Event Passport?

    The Event Passport enables you to scan QR codes located at each of the Zones: PLAY.LEARN.EAT & BOND, to collect stamps and exchange for gifts once complete.

  • How do I qualify for Spin & Win?

    In order to qualify, a minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt is requested at any participating shows between 19 – 22 January 2017. Redemption is limited to one instance per NRIC per day.

8. Event Day Admin

  • Is there an attire for the event?

    There is no specific attire for the event. Please remember to bring along a pair of socks if your child is intending to go onto the bouncy castles!

  • Do I have to queue for re-entry?

    No, indemnity bands collected upon registration will be used as identification that you have already registered for this event. Please ensure that you wear the indemnity band at all times.

    For subsequent entry into the event on another day, please proceed to collect a new indemnity band before you enter. However, the complimentary $5 coupon is only valid once.

For any other enquiries, you may contact us at 6403 2186 or email us at Playlah@singaporeexpo.com.sg

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