19 – 22 January 2017 | Thursday – Sunday | 12pm – 9pm | Singapore EXPO Hall 5

Event Highlights

Indulge in a festivity of fun this Chinese New Year by taking part in PlayLAH!'s exciting and fun-filled play area, specially put together to delight and entertain the whole family. Choose from activities like bumper cars, amusement rides, inflatables, water play for children and a whole lot more!

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    Kids Bumper Car

    Get ready to bump your way around our purpose-built car zone and experience the beautifully-coloured LED rides for endless hours of energetic fun!

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    Captain's Ship

    Ahoy! The Captain's Ship has anchored! This intriguing ride consist of an open seated ship suspended from a giant pendulum, taking riders on a wonderful voyage as the vessel swings back and forth, taking his riders with him! This family ride is sure to enthral the whole family, young and old.

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    Rainbow Bouncy Challenger

    There's something about children and bouncy castles - the two always seem to go together! This 18-metre long inflatable obstacle course is your kids' dreams come true. Navigate your way around this challenging rainbow road and say hi to your friends along the way to the exit-and back!

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    Rooster Slide

    Usher in the Year of the Rooster by sliding your way down a giant inflatable one! Make your way to the top, call out "cock-a-doodle-doo" in your loudest voice and let gravity take over.

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    Mini Paddle Boat

    Come on board this custom-made paddle boat exclusively designed for children to experience manoeuvring their way around shallow water using only their feet. May the fastest and strongest win!

  • Game Booths

    In collaboration with Ngee Ann polytechnic, take part in a whole host of carnival-style game booths set up to add a festivity feel, and you may be one of the lucky winners to walk away with attractive prizes!

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    Rooster Pong

    Do you trust your aiming skills? And can you think of any other Chinese New Year phrases other than "Xin Nian Kuai Le" and "Gong Xi Fa Cai?"

    Challenge yourself in your ability to think and aim, while racing against time!

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    Pit your shooting skills against the best and you might just hit the bullseye in this addictive game!

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    Ring Toss

    Try out your luck with this simple ring toss booth - all you have to do is to aim, throw and win! How many "firecrackers" will you get for this New Year?

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    Flip Ping the Ball

    Angry bird-shaped balls are your best friend as you launch these cute mascots at cups stationed at the end to score as many points as you can!

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    Pokemon Go hits PlayLAH! Get ready to launch pokeballs at different holes stationed at the end of the booth and score as many points as you can!

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    Wheels in a Lot

    In reality and in games, parking requires precision, skill and a lot of practise. Hit, flick or push your car into the lot with other cars as obstacles and demonstrate your parking skills!

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    Special Agent Duckies

    Catch as many duckies swimming in the pool as possible and get to win prizes!

    A game full of concentration and luck, it is sure to occupy you for hours!

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    Knock it down!

    Do you have a strong arm?Knock out the cans in front of you with a ball and feel the rush of adrenaline when you hit a home run! A classic game but do you have what it takes?

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    Have you heard of a new type of #TICTACTOE? No thinking process needed, just pitch perfect accuracy! You will be given a chance to pick your own formation and use your accuracy skills to achieve what you need to win!

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    Ping Pong Dart Challenge

    Huat lah! Join us at the 'prosperity' corner and take home some good luck in the festive of Chinese New Year!

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    Slide Money into Wallet

    Maximise your wealth and shoot the gigantic gold coins into your wallet this Chinese New Year!

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    SABER TAG CHALLENGE ! By The Fun Empire

    Saber Tag is the galaxy's most exciting team activity that incorporates neon combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology. Saber Tag allows players* to engage in real-time saber dueling in a fun and safe way with our novel sabre challenge game.
    *This activity is only available on Saturday (21 Jan 2017 )

  • ..And more to come!

Discover Chinese New Year like never before, with PlayLAH's specially created Learn Zone, where you can learn about traditional Chinese heritage, culture and even local Chinese pioneers who all contributed to the growth and development of Singapore. What's more, learning does not stop there, as visitors will also have opportunities to find out more about the latest in Science and Technology for both young and old!

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    Travelling Exhibits by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

    • Chinese New Year Traditions & Chinese Zodiac Prediction by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

      Experience the origins, customs and common practices through educational panel displays of historic Chinese culture, along with Chinese zodiac predictions for the year ahead in 2017.

    • Passion & Knowledge: Singapore Chinese Pioneers in Education by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

      This exhibition features the contributions of four local Chinese business and education pioneers - Aw Boon Haw, Liew Yuen Sien, Tan Boo Liat and Tan Yeok Seong, who all made significant contributions to the development of education in Singapore.

    • Pioneering Rural Settlements: The Legacy of Lim Nee Soon by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

      Learn about Lim Nee Soon's early life and education, family, career and business entreprises, and his numerous contributions which left a lasting impact on Singapore. Known as the "Pineapple King" for his success in the pineapple industry, Lim Nee Soon also owned 6,000 acres of rubber plantations in Singapore and more than 20,000 acres in Johor.

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    National Library Board / S.U.R.E.

    Are you SURE? Now you can be! Attend NLB's S.U.R.E interactive workshops where you will learn to use credible sources like the NLB's e-Resources portal to verify online sources and content. You will never be in doubt again! There will also be art and craft workshops for children as well as S.U.R.E quizzes and S.U.R.E win tokens to test your knowledge and win prizes.

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    Very Special Arts Singapore

    Join us at VSA's art booth for live demonstrations by our very own visual artists with disabilities. Be astounded by their amazing talent as you have opportunities to rub shoulders with the artists and even have a hand in co-making art and craft together.

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    Future Learning Village in Collaboration with Stag Match Pte Ltd

    • Flying Pilot (Drone)

      Learn how to fly a drone quadcopter, from how to hover to advanced manoeuvres at our very first drone pilot cadet training station.

    • Hologram Presentation

      Bored of 2D displays? The next millennium is here in the form of 3D and Visual Reality presentations. Learn how to develop and create 3D presentations like no other, which also includes hologram building exercises in this highly exciting and futuristic workshop.

    • 3D Pen And Printing

      What is a 3D pen, and how does it work? Find out more in this introduction workshop, where you will learn how to use a 3D pen safely, how to create customised drawings and how much fun you can have. Besides developing your inner creativity, visualization skills, problem-solving techniques and patience, we will never miss out telling you about the fun you will have! When learning about what the pen can do!

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    Cultural Village in Collaboration with Sheng Hong Arts Institute

    Known as the living fossil of Chinese music, Nanyin was honoured by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in the form of inscription in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. This is an introductory level workshop that focuses on vocal (singing) development in Hokkien, percussion instruments including the "huenzua"chime, a combined chime and wood block called "sheagiao", a pair of small bells "singling", a four-bar xylophone, the "xiboh" and "bingor" drums.

    There will be 3 workshops provided by the Institute during PlayLAH! CNY: Chinese instruments, Dance and Chinese calligraphy.

    The learning of Chinese instruments has always been a popular choice amongst children and Singapore has been an excellent environment for the learning of this art form. This workshop provides a platform for individuals to engage in hands-on experience and discover their interest for these instruments, which includes Guzheng, Yangqing, Hulusi, Erhu and Dizi.

    Dance is a way of learning, creating and understanding. It is the art form in which movements expresses an individual's thoughts, feelings and experiences. The available dance workshops will engage individuals in artistic experiences through different forms of presentation of Chinese Dance.

    The Chinese Calligraphy workshop will focus on learning basic calligraphy skills with participants also having a chance to write auspicious words for Chinese New Year.

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    Green & Healthy Village in Collaboration with Kampung Senang

    In 2015, Kampung Senang launched the Green & Healthy Movement to improve human health, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. The initiative helped to reinforce the urgent message of medical authorities worldwide on the need to increase our consumption of plant-based foods to arrest the rise of chronic diseases. This simple dietary decision can also reduce the carbon footprint of our meals, and make a monumental impact on global warming.

    At the PlayLAH! CNY booth, participants will learn how we can all eat with conscience by replacing animal foods with plant-based options. It will also provide opportunities to share experiences and ideas. By doing so, it is hoped that Singaporeans will contribute positively to their ability to prevent disease, reduce global warming and improve animal welfare.

    • Global Warming:

      - Awareness of current issues like raising sea levels

      - Reducing carbon footprints

    • Green and Healthy Mondays:

      - Start with one green meal in a week of 21 meals

      - Importance of consuming more green for personal health & Mother Earth

      - GH smoothie bike is a double green approach

    • Grow Your Own Greens:

      - Learn to grow edible sprouts at home, can consume sprouts in a week

    • Green and Healthy Seniors :

      - REAL Program targeted at 50 years old and above

      - Relaxing Exercises, Emotional Release, Active Volunteering, Lifelong Learning activities

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    Look out for PUB's newly revamped water conservation exhibition to explore simple ways on saving water at home! Through this interactive display, visitors will be able to understand how water-efficient appliances help to lower water consumption and adopt simple habits to start using water wisely.

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    Project Dignity

    Working with the Disabled Game

    To understand the challenges of the disabled/disadvantaged through interactive games. The group of participants will be divided into a few teams where they would then each face a series of team building games such as Name Signing without Using Voice, Roller Coaster Marbles, Serve In Wheels.

    Cookie Blessing

    Dignity Kitchen brings you hand baked cookies lovingly handmade done by our beneficiaries. All proceeds of the cookies sales will go towards the training of Project Dignity's trainees with special needs.

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    Yellow Ribbon Project

    Yellow Ribbon Project is organising a series of to reach out to the community.

    The objectives of the roadshow is to raise awareness of our Yellow Ribbon campaign, generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families in the community and inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders back into society.

    At the same time, the roadshow is also a fundraising platform to help raise fund for Yellow Ribbon Fund through the sales of handmade cookies done by the inmates from SCORE Bakery, Yellow Ribbon Music CDs and Yellow Ribbon Shoewings. Inmate's artwork will also be displayed at our roadshow.

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    Cultural Village

    In collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, come join us at our Chinese Cultural Village to learn more about the history and traditions behind different Chinese dialect groups in Singapore.

    • The Teochews

      Did you know Teochew is the 2nd largest dialect group in Singapore? Come on down and find out more about Teochew history, traditions, backgrounds and kuehs all at one place during this festive season.

    • The Cantonese

      PlayLAH!'s Cantonese inspired booth will showcase the rich and interesting culture within Cantonese! Serving as a platform for you to find out more about this dialect, discover the Cantonese dialect group like you never have before.

    • The Hokkien

      Hokkien is a commonly used dialect in Singapore. Be it English or Chinese, it will always have its place! However, besides the language, how well do you know about this dialect? At our booth, you will be able to learn about its history, culture, food and language.

    • The Peranakan

      Come learn and experience the uniqueness of Peranakan culture with us at the Peranakan Cultural Village! Explore the different blends of influences that created this beautiful culture. Showcasing the uniqueness through their history, houses, fashion, baba-licious cuisines and famous phrases, get to understand aspects of Peranakan culture that is often unknown by many.

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    National Heritage Board

    The National Heritage Board (NHB) aims to foster nationhood, promote identity building, and champion the development of a vibrant cultural and heritage sector in Singapore, and a statutory board under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

    In this particular exhibit, visitors will be able to experience and relive kampong memories and get re-acquainted with village life in Singapore. It also gives visitors the opportunity to have hands-on experience playing traditional games such as five stones, goli (marbles), congkak, hopscotch, gasing and capteh.

  • ..And more to come!

Singapore's favourite past-time takes on a whole new meaning this year with PlayLAH's themed food concept, focusing on traditional Chinese dishes that has helped to define Singapore's culinary culture to what it is today. Savour from a variety of traditional Chinese dishes from different dialect groups and gain a deeper understanding of Uniquely Singapore food!

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    Tunglok Catering Services

    This year's PlayLAH! Chinese New Year EAT zone comprises different dishes from various Chinese dialect groups in celebration of the diversity of Chinese culture. From Hainanese steamed Chicken Rice, Cantonese Chee Cheong Fun to Hakka Laksa Yong Tau Fu, and bond over traditional Chinese food as you savour the different varieties we have on offer.

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    Juicy Licks Pastiche

    JLP intends to solve the issue of fussy eating or simply not having enough time to nourish your body sufficiently with the necessary greens. Greens, fruits and organic super foods are sneaked into each and every one of our snacks, without the use of nasty sugars, preservatives, or artificial anything. We are clean, real, and honest foods - 100% vegan, 100% natural, 100% fresh, and 100% handmade; and made from only fresh produce, not canned, not juice boxes. Gluten-free options are available. We create snacks that taste good, and is calorie counted. And, we make every calorie from snacking, count. How was your veggies served to you today?

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    Munchy Foods

    Carnival comfort food like waffles, popcorn and corn cups are up for grabs as well, so there is truly something for everyone!

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    Indian Curry House

    We provide an ultimate dining experience in Indian cuisine brought to you by Chefs from India demonstrating the rich culinary expertise. Indulge in our casually prepared yet sophisticated vegetarian (like Mix Veg Pakoda) and non-vegetarian (like Chicken Tikka & Chicken Biriyani) dishes. Our passion is to serve highly flavoured meals that are better for you and focus on the best of each season.

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    Creative Eateries

    Come savour local dishes such as Mee Siam & Traditional Kueh Pie Tee at the Creative Eateries stall! Feel like having a cup of freshly prepared Teh Tarik? You can do so here too!

  • ..And more to come!

During the festive season, the best type of activities you can do with your loved ones are those that are fun, simple to participate in and engages everyone to join in! Choose from a range of building, painting and hands-on workshops for the whole family that are sure to excite and entertain!

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    Fan Painting

    Keep cool this Chinese New Year with your very own personalised fan, created and designed by yourself! Paint and art materials will be provided and all you need is a little creativity to come up with your very own masterpiece.

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    Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, fun, and relaxing way of creating beautiful images using repeating patterns. It is yoga for your brain.

    Join Teacher Joni and Teacher Stephanie in learning how to create your own Zentangle patterns with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and you will also get to bring home the art work you create. If you can draw a line and a circle, you can do Zentangle! This activity is suitable for children aged 7 and above.

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    Institute of Technical Education College Central

    Family Playtime!

    Studies have shown that when family members play together, it inculcates deeper sense of belonging and creates happy memories. It has been proven that indulging in regular play gives the children higher self-esteem whilst bringing about increased creativity and better problem-solving abilities for the adults.

    Our activity zones are crafted to help discover and reaffirm your family's teamwork, trust, creativity, and problem solving-skills. So, come down with your family and have lots of bonding fun at our Family Playtime!

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    Recycling Village in Collaboration with Beautiful People

    To cultivate good habits to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, PlayLAH! welcomes back the Recycling Village activity booth in collaboration with Beautiful People! Join us as we learn how to transform everyday materials into works of art with just a little bit of creativity.

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    Montfort Care

    Experience intergenerational learning from seniors on how to use beading in your art & crafts! Also, learn how to avoid scams and prevent cyber bullying through fun games and interactive activities! In a fast paced country, Singaporeans tend to get stressed easily, so learn some relaxing techniques at the Montfort Care booth as well!

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    Zodiac Blessing Ang Bao

    Celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year by allowing your children to customise their own angbao! This activity encourages your child to be creative as they can design the zodiac that they have chosen themselves, all with different colour options. Come and join us in this wonderful experience of creating your own angbao with your children where you will be receiving specially made ang baos with their heartfelt wishes just for you!

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    DIY Balloon Car Workshop

    Make your own balloon car here! This workshop is only suitable for 8 years old and above and parental guidance is advised as sharp objects are being handled at this booth activity.

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    DIY Chinese Zodiac Art:

    Welcome to the land of Chinese Zodiac Bookmark World, where creativity and imagination runs wild! In here, you can create your very own bookmark based on your own zodiac group.

    Bring your bookmarks to life with a host of materials available for your use! Make one for Mummy and Daddy today.

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    DIY Chicken Bank:

    Have you ever thought that recycled materials can be made into a coin bank?

    Now you can! Using your own creativity, you and your child will be taught to make your very own personalized Rooster Bank with us! Also, you will be able to bring it home this Chinese New Year!
    This Rooster Bank will allow you to teach your children the importance of saving money.

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    Do-It-Yourself CNY Decoration Workshop

    Have you ever thought of creating your own Chinese New Year decorations? This year, come up with your own one-of-a-kind firecracker or paper cut-out hangers and bring back home your work!

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    CNY Greetings Design and Colouring Workshop

    Design, colour and draft your own greetings on a unique Chinese New Year red packet this year and invite your family and friends to do the same! Nobody will be looking forward more to receiving red packets from you than us!

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    Do-It-Yourself CNY Painting Workshop

    Painting can be fun! Gather your family together and work on a special fan, wood or clay figure that you can customise, design and paint any character or Chinese New Year painting that you wish. Discover the artist in you!

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    Toy Construction Workshop

    Calling all aspiring engineers! Construct your own toy from scratch this year and bring home the fruits of your labour! Create your own engineering marvel and hang it in your room as memorabilia of the fun time you had this Chinese New Year at PlayLAH!.

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    Fun Foam Making Workshop

    Explore the wonders that foam can bring! Build cars, trucks, animals and just about anything you can think of at our foam building activity workshop. Take your pick and be surprised at how much joy foam building can be.

  • stage Activities
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    Sheng Hong Arts Institute

    Sheng Hong Arts Institute is proud to present a series of stage performances comprising a number of different Chinese Arts forms, from Nanyin and Chinese Dance to Chinese Instruments and Martial Arts. In line with the festive season, the Institute will also be bringing to the audience a Chinese New Year song medley which includes songs like The God of Fortune Cometh (财神到), The Earth Returns to Spring(大地回春), New Year Blessings(贺新年)and more.

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    Mandarin Orange Peeling & Eating Competition

    Have you always thought you had one of those odd-ball skills that no one cared about? PlayLAH! does! If you think you can eat or peel a mandarin orange faster than anyone else in Singapore, prove it on the big stage – the PlayLAH! Mandarin Orange Peeling & Eating Challenge. $100 worth of vouchers stand to be won, but the honour is priceless!

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    Children's Talent Competition

    PlayLAH!'s first Children's Talent Competition is up and running and the closing date for submission is 25 December 2016. Simply upload a 1-minute video to YouTube, submit the link to us and the top 8 videos by popular vote will get to strut their stuff on 22 January 2017 in front of a panel of judges, which includes UFM100.3 DJ Yu Ling!

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    National University of Singapore Cultural Activities Club (NUS CAC) - Voicese

    Formed in 1999, Voices is a gathering of Mandopop enthusiasts who all have a common passion for singing. Together with their very own group of talented instrumentalists, Voices has performed on numerous stages island-wide on and off campus, and are excited to showcase their acoustic sets in celebration of Chinese New Year along with fellow Singaporeans.

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    National Library Board

    • Storytelling on Stage

      We have engaged NLB JRAs (Junior Reading Ambassadors) to do a storytelling skit for 15 minutes on stage.  This is for Sat and Sun only.

    • SURE Talk

      NLB will have daily talks and workshops to guide parents and their children on how to do proper research. NLB will share effective Google search tips and how to use the library’s free eResources (like ebooks, eNewspapers, eJournals) for school projects.

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    Nanyang Technological University Chinese Drums

    24 Festive Drums performances were traditionally executed with strict movements. For this performance, elements such as martial arts, dance, and calligraphy were combined and given a modern twist. The choreography of this piece allows the performers to express themselves more freely while maintaining the discipline of traditional Chinese drumming. This will be a heart-racing performance that you would not want to miss!

  • ..And more to come!

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